Better Banking

It's not just our tagline. It's our promise to provide you and your family with financial services to make your life better.

Gain is a progressive financial institution that believes everyone deserves access to fair and honest banking. We are the trusted neighborhood partner that supports the financial health and well-being of our Members.

What we do.

At Gain, you'll find the same products and services as a big bank, but with consistently better rates, low or no fees and superior customer service.

We help you find money you didn't know you had.

Our low loan rates may help save you money and we take the time to thoroughly explain all options, benefits and features of our lending products.

We don't charge you to use your own money.

Our services don't come with high fees and hoops to jump through. We prefer to give our "profits" back to our Members in the form of low or no fees.

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The Better Banking Podcast

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What our members are saying:

New member here, just got approved for my auto loan. My other credit union kept on giving me the run around, and I would have to call them back for updates. The process with Gain FCU was quick, to the point, and super friendly. I’m a happy camper for sure!

-- John H. - Member Since 2021

The greatest financial institution ever!

-- Michael B. - Member Since 2007

Awesome customer service. Friendly, respectful. Very attentive to my needs.

-- Belinda M. - Member Since 2014

"Independent Advantage taught me the ins and outs of banking and basic personal finance. When I moved out to go to college, I felt confident that I could manage my personal finances and avoid common mistakes." 

-- Nate F. - IA Graduate and Member Since 2020

Yes, this is a love letter to Gain Federal Credit Union. Thank you for all you do for your customers.

-- Pamela L. - Yelp

I cannot say enough great things about the Independent Advantage program at GAIN Federal Credit Union. This program is something ALL high school students should take. The course teaches them so many aspects of banking and finances that they will use in the real world. I highly recommend it!

-- Jenny N, Parent of Two IA Graduates

No other bank is more community focused. Great service.

-- Facebook Review

I am grateful and very thankful for such a wonderful bank and service.

-- Esmeralda H. - Member Since 2003

This organization truly places the customer first and that can be seen by the way they work hard to get you exactly what you want. Thank you!

-- Yelp Review

We are new members and I am so impressed. Day one here I walked in and the service was very personal and everything clearly explained for our banking needs - and the employees are genuinely happy which says a LOT about a business to me.

-- Amie C. -- Member Since 2021

You are exceptional and I greatly appreciate what you have done for us. I would have never thought it was that easy to get help from any type of bank so thank you so much.

-- Diego C. - Member Since 2015

My daughter went through their finance program and now doesn't ask me for a dime. 15 and building credit...does it get better than that?

Thank you Gain for the service you provide and work you do!

-- Yelp Review

I enjoy the friendly staff and quick service. I can always count on the Credit Union for all of my banking needs.

-- Henry G. - Member Since 2002