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To reach your personal dreams and goals, it takes expert financial insight, planning and consistent steps to help create the financial freedom you desire. Financial Advisors, Bryan Hall and Patricia Hall, from Hall, Hodges & Associates - a professional financial firm, are available to help you put together a comprehensive, fully customized plan.

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As it turns out, a lot of the data surrounding the coronavirus seems to be subject to
interpretation. World renowned public health experts look at the same data points and come to totally different conclusions.

As a matter of fact, when the virus first hit, the Surgeon General of the United States said that face masks were not needed. Apparently, he has now changed his mind. With a worldwide pandemic, and information flow being in constant flux, we guess that's to be expected.

As we fight through this public health crisis, we understand that washing our hands ... maintaining proper social distancing ... and wearing face masks should all help us avoid the physical symptoms of the disease. On the other hand, we feel that the economic and emotional by-products of the disease can also be devastating ... and must be addressed.

Now is the time to remain clear-headed and focused, to reconnect with family and friends; to rekindle our religious faith; and to reflect on the ideas we sometimes take for granted ... the ideas of freedom and liberty. These are the ideas that have made America unique among nations ... and these are the Ideas we're going to need to rely on, as we come out the other side of this crisis. No amount of government hand-outs is going to "fix" this problem.

Let's all hold hands (after thoroughly washing them with soap and warm water for 20 seconds) and get through this thing together. Let's come out the other side as better friends ... better spouses ... better parents ... than we were before. Other generations have faced even bigger challenges. So, let's show the world what we're made of. Let's pull together and put this thing behind us!!!

Stay healthy and stay safe!

Your friends at Hall, Hodges and Associates

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